Pre-school & Kindergarten Gowns


cap and gown for preschool Your sweet little students are moving up to the K-12 academic world. Let their preschool graduation ceremony be a budding display of serious cuteness with our child size pre-school or kindergarten graduation regalia. Both the pre-K graduation commencement regalia and kindergarten graduation ceremony regalia are sold in conveniently priced sets, specially priced for bulk orders. They include a cap and gown, as well as a picturesque Mother Goose Diploma to fill out. A tassel comes with each cap and is available with or without a year date charm. provides a fantastic option to the pre-school or kindergarten who wants to host beautiful graduation commencements for their precious students without spending a lot of money every year.

These preschool and kindergarten graduation robes can be worn year after year -- all the school has to do is buy separate tassels with year charms for each graduating pre-school or kindergarten class and the children are sent home with a small reminder of this important and all-too-quick time in their lives.

Our adorable and reasonably-priced kindergarten and pre-school academic regalia are available in white, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy. Optional Mother Goose style Diplomas are also available.

preschool diploma

Pricing For Pre-school & Kindergarten Gown Sets
1 - 6 Sets $24.00 each
7 - 12 Sets $22.50 each
13 - 24 Sets $19.50 each
25 - 49 Sets $18.90 each
50 or more Sets $17.90 each


preschool caps and gowns

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