Bachelor's Graduation Regalia


The time is now. You're getting your bachelor's degree. Your life is in front of you. And the graduation ceremony is coming up. You may not have a gown yet. You may not want to have to spend money on a rental worn many times before. is the place where to buy caps and gowns for college or university graduation. We offer academic graduation robes, hoods, caps and tassels for bachelor's regalia in three distinctive styles.

Value Bachelor's Gowns

If you want to save money on a gown rental and only need to wear the graduation robe once or twice, CapsandGownsToYou has a perfect solution for you. Though it's designed for one-time use only, this graduation robe is a fantastic option for bachelors' academic programs. These graduation robes are priced at $48.00 each for students, and include the cap and tassel.

Save yourself the hassle of returning a graduation regalia rental that costs more money than just buying one of our economy gowns, caps and tassels.

Bachelor's hoods are also available.

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